Is a special type of massage performed in body areas with excessive reduction in lymphatic circulation and a fluid stagnation


Targeted to the specific contracture is located in a well-defined part of the body, such as legs, back or lumbar. The aim of the intervention is to try to bring back muscles tone to a normal level, treating the contracture with specific maneuvers such as pressures and rubbing. Precisely thanks to these procedures, the contracture breaks apart, as well as the reactivation of many nerve centers and oxygenation of the whole body, and also the elimination of toxins.


Perfect for deflating and firming, invigorating massage is a beauty treatment that acts on our body in a very effective way. By helping to eliminate water retention, in fact, it’s a valid ally to finally fight cellulite.


Fulfills the needs of body future mom during the various phases preceding birth and not only in the presence of joint disorders. Its purpose is also to relieve the hassles of a body that is constantly transformed to find new balances that can result in tension or muscle pain, to fight stress, tension and anxiety caused by the approach of giving birth, to be accompanied and sustained Psychologically in all periods of gestation.


This very pleasant massage has a relaxing and anti-stress effect, and is indicated for contractures, cervical pain, tensions, facial swelling or simply cuddling for a moment of relaxation.


Is a gentle massage technique that can stimulate the most important nerve endings of our body through the skilled manipulation of specific feet areas with natural and effective manipulation techniques, giving long-lasting pleasure feelings.


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